[CQ-Contest] Don Millers Return!

Sandy Lynch slay at netcom.com
Fri Oct 17 17:28:22 EDT 1997

Obviously, Don was trying to escape ... piece by piece.  :-)

73, Sandy WBX

> Dear Fellow Contesters,
> I was going to announce the good news that Don Miller was returning
> to ham radio and contesting by doing a multi-op sweepstakes with W3GH 
> and myself.
> As many of you know Don is in very poor health. About two years ago Don
> was complaining to the prison Doctor about bad pains in his left leg.
> After all the medical tests were completed it was determined that the leg
> would have to be amputated. Don took the news like the man he really is,
> he just smiled an accepted his fate. He asked the Doctor if the amputated
> leg could be mailed to dr. Bafoofnik and so it was. 
> About six months later he started to have similar pains in his right leg.
> For the sake of bandwidth, the results were the same, and the right leg
> was also mailed to me.
> If the poor man didn't have enough problems, another six months later he 
> started to have pains in his left arm. That left arm plus his right and 
> left leg are now in my freezer (you know, the freezer I bought at the
> Jeffrey Dahmer auction).
> You are probably asking when is this all going to end. Well it finally 
> ended when he started to have pains right arm and the prison Doctor
> refused to amputate. 
> I regret to announce Don Miller's prison escape was foiled, so he will 
> not be doing a multi-op sweepstakes with us this year.
> Sincerely yours,
> dr. Bafoofnik
> p.s. I'm proud to announce the first "adult" contesting site at
>                   http://www.qth.com/stamper/w3gh
> Please Only Liberal Thinking Adults! 
> You know what to expect from dr. Bafoof, so you are forewarned!

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