[CQ-Contest] OT7T in CQ-WW

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Mon Oct 20 16:03:43 EDT 1997

Hello fellow contesters,

Just got back in the hosue after a few more hours of my favorite autumn
sport: mud plowing and Beverage erecting. Mission accomplished, all 12 are
up. Maybe from now on, I'll hear on the low bands...

Just to inform you that, like every year we will be M/S in the phone
contest, with two German guest ops (DL2CC and DJ4AX, who both have operated
from here for a number of years), and a number of ops from the local radio
club (ON4WW -from 9X5 fame- ON4MA, ON4AFZ, ON5UK).

We know we have the big disadvantage of our Northerly location (51 deg
North, same latitude as Calgary!), which means that our friends from the
mediteranean area can work the US several hoyurs later than we can. We try
to make up on the low bands, if Aurora permits.

Please look for OT7T and give us the points. Tehn meters should be open
also, but there again, the closer you are to the Equator, the mre the
chances of propagation on East-West paths.

But we don't complain. With your help, we try to make a decent score. Thank
you!, and let's have fun this weekend!


johnb, ON4UN - OT7T - AA4OI
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