[CQ-Contest] Terrain Profiles

W1HIJ--Bill W1HIJ at contesting.com
Mon Oct 20 17:21:13 EDT 1997

Hi all,

I'm trying to put together some models of terrain effect on antenna
placement. I know the general principles, but I need some advice on data.
Specific questions:

When building a terrain profile for a given bearing, how far out should one
go from the antenna location?

Is that distance a function of frequency of operation?

Is that distance a function of the height above ground of the antenna at
the mounting point.

Are there acceptable minima and maxima for the resolution of the data file?
(i.e. for the separation (horizontally) of data points.

How valuable have any of you found the information which is to be gained
from applying the terrain analysis programs which are available?

BTW---I picked up a copy of a program called "TOPO!" and it's a real joy to
use to generate profiles. Available in Rand McNally stores among other
places, and it costs less than the eye exams which would result from taking
a profile off USGS Quads!

TNX es 73,
Bill, W1HIJ
Newport Beach, CA

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