[CQ-Contest] Thank you & CQWW

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 18:25:12 EDT 1997

  I want to thank all who sent me welcome messages welcoming me to the 
group, I recived one flame and since he is blocking my email he will 
most likely not get his and if he does he knows who he is. I just fiqure 
he is one of those elistist operators and ignore any other flames he 
might send.
  Now that I got that out of my system I want to say that several of the 
emails I received encourged me to try the CQWW contest as a single op 
single band entry. Since it is too close to the contest to get forms 
from CQ mag. is there a place I can down load them on the web?
  I will have to do all logging by hand as the XYL won't let me move the 
computer from the living room to the shack. Can I just make up the 
logforms, do I need a dupe sheet ( only time I ever used one was during 
field day) and do I need an cover sheet listing my score like the ARRL 
contests? or can I use the ARRL forms and change all the info on the 
sheets for the CQWW contest?
  I know I wanted till almost the last min to decide and going by the 
last few post on sending in logs I need to know the format that the logs 
need to be in ( not for emailing them the physical layout of the logs 
and anyother forms for the contest)
Rick Bullon
  What does IMHO stand for ??????????????

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