[CQ-Contest] SURVEY: hi scorers in CQWW

Doug KR2Q DougKR2Q at aol.com
Wed Oct 22 10:00:23 EDT 1997

This message is narrowly directed to those entrants in the CQWW who have
traditionally placed in the top ten (or fifteen) in the SOAB High Power and
the SOAB Low Power categories for the USA.

First, this is NOT a message from, or in any way associated with, the CQWW
contest committee.

Second, I PERSONALLY am doing some research on you high scorers, and I am
asking for your cooperation.  Individual replies can either be held
confidential or distributed, as you wish.  Overall results (without individual
identification) will be sent back to all who participate, and MAY end up as
the basis for an article.  Again, this will be done WITHOUT identifying any
individuals, unless you so consent.

Here is what I'm looking for (for the 1997 CQWW ssb and/or cw contest):

1. For the CQWW contest (Oct, Nov), do you use more than 1 radio?  If yes,
please keep a log of how many and which qso's (and whether or not a mult) you
worked on the 2nd (or 3rd?) radio.

2. For all entrants (1 or more radio), please keep a log of how many stations
you pass from one band to another band, and who they are.  Please note whether
or not the passed station was a mult.  AFTER the contest, please review your
log, and determine how many of those qso's actually resulted in a new mult for
that band and ALSO how many were passed but later you worked that same mult
(not the same station) on that band anyway....in other words, "a wasted pass."
I would also like a LIST of the actual callsigns passed.

3. Please supply your coversheet info (band by band breakdowns).

4. Let me know if you wish to remain anonymous (in which case, the information
you supply will be used, but the source will not be mentioned).

5. Finally, let me know if you have any ideas on how to "play" with this data;
what would YOU like to learn from it?

1.  To determine if there is a measurable advantage to running more than 1

2.  To determine that if there is an advantage, would it have mattered in the
final position of finish.

3. To determine just how many stations pass mults.

4. To determine how many passed mults would have been worked anyway

5. To determine how many passed mults were worked "only by you" on that band
(in other words, was the pass necessary in order to get that zone/country onto
that band)

6. To learn what else what I should be asking!


de Doug KR2Q

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