[CQ-Contest] VE or VX - Which prefix for WW SSB ?

Jeff Steinman n5tj at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 11:41:08 EDT 1997

Hi all:
Thanks to the hospitality of John, VE3EJ, I'll be S/O AB from his house 
this weekend in the WW SSB. Looking forward to my first S/O in a DX 
contest in a L O N G time (5+ years).

My question for the group: I can use the call VE3EJ or VX3EJ. It would 
be nice to have a different call (VX), but "Victor X-Ray" is quite a 
mouthful on SSB. What do you think ?

Appreciate your replies. Don't bother after 2200 UTC today - I'll be in 
Jeff  N5TJ

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