[CQ-Contest] November CQ and QST arrive

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Wed Oct 22 17:36:30 EDT 1997

Well, our summer weather has finally disappeared.  It is now cool enough
to get outside and do some last minute antenna work just in time for this
weekend's CQWW SSB Contest.  Good luck to everyone.  Hope that 10 Meters
is as good as, or even better than, last Sunday.

Stopped by the PO box on the way to work this morning and found both CQ
and QST. (WARNING: the fall rush of mail-order Christmas catalogs is in
full swing!)


Front cover photo of K4ISV's towers and antennas.  Sadly, no details
inside.  (Looks
like CQ is going back to their old ways of not providing any details).

Contest related articles: 97 CQ WPX SSB Contest High-Claimed Scores;
Rules - 98 CQWW 160 DX Contest; Contest Calendar column - Opening The Log
Checking Covers, A Commentary; and Propagation column - CQWW CW Contest

Other interesting articles: C21BH DXpedition; Reviews of the Alinco
DX-70TH and Ten-Tec 1208 Six Meter Transverter; Radios of the Rising Sun
(WWII era JA radios); Heathkit Warrior Updated Plus 160 Meters; Radio
FUNdamentals column - 10 and 15 Meter dipoles; DX column - Montserrat;
and Washington Readout column - Morse Controversy at the IARU.

Ads:  Surplus Sales of Nebraska's catalog is now available (TRUE, I
finally received mine!); Alinco has a new desktop HF transceiver, DX-77T
(strange that it does not include 6 meters); Bencher/Butternut is
advertising their Butterfly Beam (wonder what has happened to that new
beam shown at Dayton?; check out the "trap free" symbol); Force 12's full
page ad has reduced prices on the C3 series (even a new picture minus the
bird!); J. Martin Systems has an Entrance Panel for getting your
coax/wires through the window; the former owner of Vectronics has a new
company, Palstar, with new tuners and parts; and CQ has lapel pins for
those who have achieved WAZ, WPX,  DX Honor Roll and USA-CA.  


Front cover photo of Field Day tower/antennas from N1NH and inset photos
of other Field Day operators; with a feature article inside!  (ARRL
always ties their front cover photo with something featured inside the

Contest related articles:  Sporadic E - A Mystery Solved? (Part 2);
Product Review - Ten-Tec OMNI VI Plus Transceiver; Technical
Correspondence - Complex Transmission Line Characteristic Impedance, How
Important Is It?; Results - 97 Field Day; Rules - 97 ARRL 160-Meter and
10-Meter Contests

Other interesting articles:  A MMIC Preamp for "DC to Daylight"; A
Low-Budget Rotatable 17 Meter Loop; A Packable Antenna for 80 through 2
Meters; The World Above 50 MHz - Is 10 Meters a VHF Band?

Ads: same ones as noted above for Alinco and Force 12; new 98 ARRL
Handbook is available; 98 Radio Amateur Callbook CD is available.

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC

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