[CQ-Contest] Long Delayed Noise Solution

Woods, Eric D pb-Edwoods edwoods at pbsac01.isp.pacbell.com
Wed Oct 22 18:09:00 EDT 1997

Last year, I was approached by a local amateur to help him find out why he 
was able to make a quiet band into a noisy one.  To recap, he would go up on 
a quiet frequency, send a cq or a buncha dits and when his radio turned back 
to receive, the frequency that was originally quiet was now noisy.

Simultaneously, he was in a battle with a couple of his neighbors over a 
slight issue of E. U. T.S.I. .

That's Everything Under The Sun Interference...You know hearing aids, 
portable phones, unportable phones, tv's, intercoms etc.

The ham's approach was that of using a sawed off shotgun.     Blast at 
everyone that could emit noise.

So....The power company dida buncha work.
He rewired a coupla his neighbors' (ones he was on good terms with) attics.
Had me do the telephone interference study (not his fault)
Other stuff not properly mentioned in public

The power noise went away
The neighbor's house wiring got updated
The neighbor with telephone interference and EUTSI got a good dose of FCC, 
ARRL and Civil Law.

The delayed noise that was frequency specific (and frequency intelligent?)?

Touch Lamp without a bulb at neighbors house.  I think it was plugged in.

I'm still not sure how the delay happened, but now I know that the noise was 
not frequency intelligent.  The lamp just picked a lot of frequencies to 
noise up.

As I was walking through the local hardware store looking for a desk lamp 
for my daughter Kelsey, I saw many models of Touch Lamps on display.  I went 
away ill.

Eric , K6GV
edwoods at pacbell.com

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