[CQ-Contest] Telephone Interference

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Wed Oct 29 01:53:55 EST 1997

Woods, Eric D (pb-Edwoods) wrote:
> Errrrrr.  Make sure that your signal is or is not present in the regular
> telephones associated with that line.  The susceptibility may be in the
> modem or the telephone instruments rather than the telephone company cable
> or drop.
> You can check this by using a proven rf immune telephone set connected
> either at the normal jack inside the house or at the customer access point
> of the SNI (Standard Network Interface) mounted at the side of your house
> with the inside wire disconnected.
> Have someone listen while you're transmitting.  If the noise is present on
> that particular telephone, then you can blame the serving telephone
> company's outside plant.  Otherwise, the trouble is either the modem,
> telephone, or inside wire.
> In fact, that's probably where it is.
> Eric, K6GV
> edwoods at pacbell.com
> Intending to make much interference this weekend on SS CW.   GO River City
> Contesters

Hi Eric.  I'm sure it is not just a one modem or one phone thing.  I get 
into three fones in my house.  Two were bought from GTE, and one cordless 
phone.  In my sons house, he has a GTE phone and a cordless and I get 
into both of them. I'm sure I'm getting into my neighbors phones, but 
they never have said anything.  73 and CU in the SS

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