[CQ-Contest] RTTY and K6STI on a windows m/c

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Tue Oct 28 23:28:39 EST 1997

Hello friends contesters,

A friend, member of our local radio / contest club, brought along K6STI's
(version 2) RTTY program to try and see if we could use it on our contest
site in the future.

We (tried to )install it on two different PC's in our network.

One is a 486 Mc (66 MHz) with a minimal configuration of Windows 95
installed. The sound board is a genuine but old Creative board, one I
bought in Dayton about 4 years ago. It has on brad CD drivers for
Panasonic, Sony and Mitsumi CD drives. Not at all a plug and play device,
with a number of jumpers on board. This configuration works well. K6STI
runs OK under DOS as well as under Windows 95. So far so good. This machine
also runs RTTYrite perfectly.

Different story on my newer PC, which is a 133 MHz pentium, with a recent
CREATIVE  Vibra plug and play board. This combinations runs RTTYrite
perfectly well, but when we try RITTY the screen goes black and the
computer hangs. When we tried RITTY 1.0, it worked, but only once. That
means that after you exitd the program, you had to do a cold PC restart to
get it working again, otherwise, the program would come on, but receive no
signals from the sound board.  It looks like we have problems with the plug
and play device. By the way, it makes NO difference whether we start from
inside Win 95, or under DOS (via F8). 

I would imagine that many use RITTY 2.x with a Vibra (CREATIVE plug and
play) board under windows 95.

We spent a whole afternoon trying tgo get it to work, but no avail.

Can anyone please give us a hint what might be wrong?

Tks beforehand, 73

John, ON4UN - OT7T - AA4OI
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