[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Jeff Steinman n5tj at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 07:35:07 EST 1997

N4UK wrote:

>I believe this is all due to the instant pileups that ensue after the 
>DX station is spotted on the Dxclusters around the country.

I don't think it is the sole reason, although probably makes it worse. 
In this case I just call 'em and if it's a dupe, it's a dupe. I'd 
encourage you to do the same. Maybe we can change the behavior of the DX 
station when 50% of the people calling him are dupes!

>I haven't seen where the use of packet in assisted 
>categories has enabled an assisted single operator to have a higher 
>score than an unassisted operator in the box scores. 

Old subject, Ken. It has in some cases. IMHO it SHOULD in ALL CASES 
given EQUAL operators, stations and propagation. It's only logical.

>I bet there are also those who are monitoring packet spots without      
>being connected and claiming SOU.

So change the rules ????

>Let's  ask CQ to allow the use of packet for ALL single 
>operators and let the single operators decide how to best use or not 
>use packet spotting networks.

I disagree 1000% percent, Ken. There is plenty of room for both 
categories. The number of serious SOA ops seems to be limited to a 
select few who enjoy this category. Most SOA enter, I believe, to have 
more fun and increase their score for a given amount of time. 

Jeff  N5TJ

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