[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB 1997 - GM7V 20m report (short)

Chris W Tran chris.tran at zetnet.co.uk
Wed Oct 29 07:35:54 EST 1997

CQ WW SSB 1997 - GM7V M/M - 20m Band Report - from GM3WOJ

2570 QSOs      39 Zones     160 Countries   

An amazing start on 20m !   In the first 1.5 hours we worked
49 countries and 19 zones, incl. difficult zones 2, 34 and 40.
Superb-sounding signals from ZM2K (M/M op.Chris ZL2DX) on
the long path for the first 3 hours of the contest (same again
but weaker on the Sunday morning)

Conditions overall - OK - but JA pile-ups weak and difficult 
to sustain (no LP to JA at all on the Saturday morning)
Plenty mults. to work, but more QSOs to JA and W would have
helped.    Band was open for whole 48 hours, although sigs.
workable for only about 45 hours.

Friend of K3ZO says that the polarity of these new sunspot
cycle spots is having more effect on the ionosphere than
the previous cycle spots i.e. conditions better than would
be expected with s.f. about 80 - I agree with this.
(10m was open until midnight here at 58deg.N)

Thanks for working GM7V !

Spectacular visual Aurora seen on Monday night !

73     Chris Tran   GM3WOJ

North of Scotland Contest Group - GM2MP/GM6V/GM7V
Multi/Multi - Operators    GM3WOJ,GM4AFF,GM4YXI,GM4FDM

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