[CQ-Contest] 40 meter operating practices

Gene A. Williamson genewill at ordata.com
Wed Oct 29 07:48:34 EST 1997

>>Please tell your RX frequency a little more often then every 5
>>BTW, one went 11 minutes before doing so.....wonder how many of the
calls he
>>worked got their information via packet and will claim SO/UN??

Probably the same number who have, in ANY contest:

	1. exceeded their country's maximum power limit OR
	2. operated outside their license's frequency limits OR
	3. ran 1KW+ -- even once -- and claimed low power OR
	4. ran low power (even for one Q) and claimed QRP OR
	5. used the stack -- or the phased pair -- only a couple times and
still claimed "Tribander/Single" OR
	6. suggested on the DX's frequency that he "listen up in the US band" OR
	7. committed any of the other "sins" we've discussed recently on the
reflector OR
	8. found any other of a (ahem) score of ways to cheat that I've never
even thought of.

There . . . I who have written this, and any of you who have read even
this one single message, already have devoted FAR TOO MUCH TIME
worrying about cheaters. They're there; they always have been; they
always will be. 
Let's all have faith that our Moms were right when they said, "Cheaters
never prosper," and go kick some ass in CW SS . . . .

73 Gene K7dBV					genewill at ordata.com
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