[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Hans Brakob k0hb at juno.com
Thu Oct 30 05:07:38 EST 1997

>Ken N4UK said

>Let's  ask CQ to allow the use of packet for ALL single 
>operators and let the single operators decide how to best use or not 
>use packet spotting networks.

I disagree, for several reasons:
1) No matter how you cut it, packet spotting is assistance.  If a station
   wishes to use that advantage, good for them, but stations who eschew
   the advantage should not be forced into that assisted category.

2) The coverage of packet assistance is not consistent.  In my home
   for example, coverage is limited to only 4 or 5 areas, with much of
   state (perhaps over 60%) which can't connect to a DXCluster node.

3) Removing the single-op unassisted category effectively raises the bar
   to new contesters who will perceive "you gotta have all those tools"
   compete.  To some folks raising a family, adding a packet station is
   NOT a trivial consideration.  All other considerations aside, let's
leave a
   category where a beginner  "Joe Tribander with 100W" can feel he has a

   fighting chance. Ultimately, he is they guy we need for QSO's today,
   to fill the mid and upper ranks in the future.  Let's not raise the
pain of
   "startiing up".

73, de Hans, K0HB


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