[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Hans Brakob k0hb at juno.com
Thu Oct 30 13:17:52 EST 1997

angelo <kb2mym at li.net> writes:

>does it really make a difference? ive used packet before and i found 
>that it doesnt really matter. by the time you get thier. theres 300 
>other hams there. and you would found them anyway, thiers only so much 
>band width your allowed to go,that you would have found it anyway..
>its not like its some big secret..

Yes, I think it does matter.  Suppose you get on the SS contest this
weekend, and are happily running a long list of W8's on 40M, rate meter
up around 120.  VE8CM picks that time to come to his shack and work
a few guys on 80 before bedtime, and he gets spotted on your local 
cluster.  If you are watching the cluster, you'll get abandon your run 
to snag the rare VE8 mult before he goes to bed, otherwise you'll 
blissfully continue to run stations from Michigan and come up one 
section short of a sweep at the end of the contest.

>let me ask this,, how many of you hams go on simplex and talk to your 
>bubby when you find some thing good? its the same thing.. i know i do 
>it. i have packet and go simples with 5 other guys here.

Yes, it *is* the same thing, and you and your 5 bubbies are now no
longer "Single Op".

In SS spotting nets or clusters make you and your 5 bubbies "Multi Op":
     "Multioperator, single transmitter only: Those obtaining 
     any form of assistance such as relief operators, loggers 
     or use of spotting nets, including PacketClusters."

In ARRL DX you guys would be "SOA" (Single Op Assisted):

     "Single Operator Assisted--One person performs all operating, 
     monitoring and logging functions. Single-operator assisted 
     stations are allowed only one transmitted signal at any 
     given time. The use of spotting nets and assistance through 
     other alerting systems not physically located at the station 
     (operating arrangements involving assistance through DX-alerting 
     nets, PacketClusters, etc) are allowed." 

In a nutshell, your little local "bubbies on simplex" arrangement
takes all 6 of you out of the "Single Op" category. 

73, de Hans, K0HB/4ID

  If you put tomfoolery into a computer, you will only get tomfoolery 
  out, but this tomfoolery, having passed through an expensive machine, 
  is somehow enobled, and none dare now to criticize it.


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