[CQ-Contest] Clubs: Offer

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Thu Oct 30 08:31:54 EST 1997

I'm hosting many of the big USA club reflectors at my place.  Most of 
them because friends have asked if I would.  

I can say for sure that our new club (South East Contest Club) has 
benefitted greatly from the reflector.  It is a great way for members to 
stay in touch.  

So, if your CONTEST club would be interested in starting a reflector... 
We (N5KO, KM3T, AD1C & myself) would be interested in sponsoring it at no 
charge.  Just a couple of things required:

1.  Name of CONTEST club.
2.  Address you would like to use.  SECC at contesting.com for example.
3.  Description of the club/reflector. (welcome message)
4.  Please keep me out of the loop unless you have technical 
difficulties.  I need a "goto" guy for user problems or questions.
5.  This is not a majordomo reflector and there are no archives available.
6.  You have to be patient with me in getting them set up.  :)


Bill, W4AN

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