[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Fri Oct 31 07:56:41 EST 1997

	Not for me BUT if it ever happened I can envision this new thread in the
future where we discuss the REQUIRMENT that everyone HAS to connect up to
packet and then there will be the packet police to make sure you put up
everyone you spot.

	I can see it now.... complaints that W?XYZ didn't spot ZS?ABC and that the
contest was lost because of the disadvantaged person on packet who was
DENIED a multiplier.


	I'm just funning guys - I need some SS badly! (Oh.... I will NOT be on

Michael Dinkelman
N7WA   (ex-WA7UVJ)
Kent, WA

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