[CQ-Contest] Allow Packet for everyone!

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Fri Oct 31 01:19:47 EST 1997

Hans Brakob wrote:
>  All other considerations aside, let's leave a
> category where a beginner  "Joe Tribander with 100W" can feel he has
>a fighting chance. 

> 73, de Hans, K0HB

If a person uses packet all the time, how are they every going to learn 
how to tune the band and look for mults?  What if the 2 meter radio 
quits?  Shut down??  I think it would be awful boring to sit and stare at 
a packet cluster all weekend just to see who is on the band.  How in the 
world did people ever make big scores before PacketCluster?????

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