[CQ-Contest] Awards for Low Power

DavidHarper at tx.slr.com DavidHarper at tx.slr.com
Thu Oct 30 10:39:37 EST 1997

CT1ELP wrote:

> 	Hello !
> 	There is something about plaques I never understood,
> 	why there is only plaques for the High Power enters !!??
> 	I don't have an amplifier, so I will never get a plaque !
> 	The only guys in low Power to get plaques are the first
> 	in the world and continent on all band.
There is not even a continent plaque for Low Power North America in

> 	Why there aren't any plaques for monoband entries ?
> 	I think those big gunners don't have the slightest idea of
> 	how hard the low power can be. In many ocasions we spent
> 	call and call without any answer. Do you know how long it
> 	takes to break a pile-up ??

Hi Pedro,
In the CQ contests, and ARRL also I think, the plaques are sponsored and
donated by clubs or individuals.  In 1995 CQWW-CW I was first place
North America in Low Power (at WP2AHW), but there is no plaque for Low
Power, just a certificate, so I understand your feelings, but there
really is no one to blame.  If I really think there should be a plaque
for North America Low Power, then I need to sponsor one.  Same thing for
you.  If there is a category that you think deserves a plaque, then
sponsor it or get a club to sponsor it.  CQ magazine and ARRL are really
not discriminating against us low-power types.  Since there are more
low-power entries than high-power, and the low-power category is the
fastest growing category, perhaps more individuals and clubs will
sponsor LP plaques in the future.
Dave  WD5N   /    VP5EA (Low Power!)      <DavidHarper at tx.slr.com> 

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>From Zack Lau <zlau at arrl.org>  Thu Oct 30 16:51:00 1997
From: Zack Lau <zlau at arrl.org> (Zack Lau)
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 11:51:00 -0500
Subject: [CQ-Contest] 10M STACKS
References: <62iodh$jl1 at mgate.arrl.org>
Message-ID: <3458BAF4.28AC at arrl.org>

Has anyone tried multiple antennas on all bands
on a VHF/UHF/SHF mobile station?  I'd love to see
a picture.  I found it hard enough to get just 
one antenna per radio on my Saturn.  While I'm 
thinking of adding another 2M yagi, I think it 
makes a lot more sense to run them as a stack,
since I have enough trouble with remembering what
direction I parked.
I used 9 yagis, 2 horns, and a vertical.

--Zack W1VT  Yes, mobile EME does work!

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