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Thu Oct 30 17:28:48 EST 1997

The Nov/Dec Nationnal Contest Journal contains an article put together by
Mike, KC7V, and Dave, K6LL.  They combined their knowledge of contesting in
the "Southwest" and came up with an interesting and revealing short article
about what is like to contest from their part of the USA. The article is
particulary interesting because it has input from two different prespectives
on the subject.

How about you and a pal do the same thing for your region of the USA or, for
that matter, your part of the World?  My goal here will be to run a series of
articles in NCJ over the next several months covering all regions of the USA
and whatever input we can get from you friends overseas.  

If you are interested in writing your observations for us (include your
photos, OF COURSE), let me know as soon as possible.  Tom Clancy credentials
not required.  I'll reserve your region for you and your pal (which is
defined as anybody in your area who can beat you in a contest, kick sand in
your face , and get away with it.)  

Respectfully requested by your humble article craving NCJ Editor,
Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV

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