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Fri Oct 31 12:57:44 EST 1997

Rick Bullon wrote:

> Cesar I'm new at contesting and confused in your post on the contesting
> reflector what do you mean about the last two style? I can only assume that
> you mean sending only the last 2 letters of your call sign. I thought this
> was the accpeted way in contests because alot of stations in a pile up
> would say last 2 letters only please.
>   In my case My call is a 2X3 call and when I try to send my whole call
> Then other sation is transmitting already. I've learned all I know about
> contesting by listening on the air. If I'm picking up bad habits please let
> me know.
>    Maybe you can help a few stations and me here in the states. do you know
> a ham that was using the call ZZ2B in the CQWW? Noone can find him in any
> of the data bases. I worked him at 22:29Z on 10/26/97, maybe we all got it
> wrong and it was you and we all got the call wrong. Then again maybe he is
> a pirate or we just haven't found him yet. Just thought I would ask.

Hello Rick

Thanks for your e-mail.

I've sent a message addressed to ALL regarding about how disgusting is
the last two style which means being called by poor operators who say
only their last two letters of their calls.

I did receive several replies most of them supporting my opinion. I
became surprised with the absolutely absence of flames! I'm still alive
after all.

Some operator said they call accordingly with the DX side guidance which
means that some un-prepared DX operators does require last two calls. I
agree with that after all stupids are present on both sides. This is
definitely a matter of the law: Stupids attract stupids on the direct
proportion of their stupidness. Too bad but true.

The conclusion is that the last two style is a truly bad practice that
has been improving year after year. This a mediocrity practice done by
mediocre operators. 

The question is efficacy. Last two does reduce operation speed and speed
means point. Good operators on the DX side can more than double the
number of calls running the pile-up on the normal basis instead of that
horrible last two (argh!!!).

The fact is that during the contest your entire mind is turned on to
multipliers even during the good openings to JA, W and Europe. When you
hear an ZS your mind quickly select it as a potencial zone 38 calling
you so you back to that call blurring whith the noisy with ZS in the
call and found out, after several tries, that is JH0ZS (fictitious
call). Too bad. During the good openings, I mean pile-up, you have to be
as quickly as you can and last two does slow your rate down.

A well experienced (on both sides) operator suggested me to say to the
last two gay: QSO B4. I did love that!

Rick, about the ZZ2B station, you've worked, it's real and his name is
Juan. It is a special contest call, his normal call sign is PY2ZP. He is
from Uruguay and he's been living here in Sao Paulo since a few years
ago. You may send your QSL to PY2GY who is his manager.

73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar
(ZZ2Z in the contests)
mailto:py2yp at pobox.com

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