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Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Wed Sep 17 00:57:11 EDT 1997

James.E.Brown at LRD03.usace.army.mil wrote:
> Hi Wayne,
> Not according to the rules published on both the LA9HW and
> SM3CK or any other contest calendar I have seen.  According to the
> "Special QSY Rule", one has to qsy ONLY after soliciting a qso via a
> cq, qrz, etc.  If another station calls you, then it is still your frequency
> after the contact.  Check it out at   http://www.sk3bg.se/contest
> >>> n7ng at sprynet.com 09/15/97 09:41pm >>>
> Jim:
> I haven't check recently, but the Sprint (CW/Phone) rule has always
> been that
> you MUST qsy after EVERY qso.  You must qsy  at leastone kHz just
> to work
> another station and you must qsy at least five kHz if you intend to
> solicit
> another qso.  Has this changed?  Are you only refering only to RTTY?
> Wayne, N7NG
> On 15 Sep 1997, James.E.Brown at LRD03.usace.army.mil wrote:
> >On the subject of "round-robin" qsos, this was beat around pretty
> >well on the cq-contest reflector last year.  With no resolution,
> >however.  Actually, the rule implies that if one does not solicit a
> qso,
> >then one does not have to qsy.  A move IS required if one solicits a
> >qso.  In practice, generally everyone moves after a maximum of two
> >qsos on a frequency.  However, by the letter of the rule, unlimited
> >qsos are possible on a frequency.  As long as one is being called by
> >other stations without soliciting, then one could keep the frequency
> >and run the string.  I tried this once in the phone sprint, just to see
> >what would happen, and it didn't go over very well with at least one
> >other contestant at the time.  When this was brought up on the
> >reflector, opinion was split, with some maintaining that holding a
> >frequency and running violated the "spirit" or "intent" of the rules.
> >
> >Also, the rule as stated in the RTTY Sprint announcement, is different
> >than that stated in the NA CW and Phone Sprint announcement, in
> >that the NA announcement states  "Once a station is required to
> qsy,
> >that station is not allowed to make another qso on the vacated
> >frequency until at least one subsquent qso is made on a new
> >frequency . . .".  There is no such statement in the RTTY rules.  Also,
> >the wording on the round robin is soft, i.e. it does not read as a
> strict
> >prohibition, but just something that is discouraged.
> >
> >Jim            W4LC

Why not just forget the QSY rule and then nobody will have to worry about 
doing something wrong.  I thought the rule was there to make the contest 
different and fun.  If everyone tries to circumvent the rules then it is 
just another contest.

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