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Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Tue Sep 16 23:11:02 EDT 1997

> Thanks for the response.  If this has been resolved so definately, it
> should be (and should have been) an easy matter to slightly revise
> the rules to make it clear.  Yet, the rules remain ambiguous.  Reason?

The rules are only ambiguous in the sense that they do not spefically
enumerate every possible QSO solicitation scenario.  If you do
something that causes someone to call you, that is a solicitation,
whether it is CQing, QRZing, clearing your throat on the frequency
(*ahem*), or making a QSO in response to someone else's solicitation.

| 11. SPECIAL QSY RULE.  If any station solicits a call (by sending CQ, QRZ?,
| QRZ, or any other means of soliciting a response), he is permitted to work
| only one station in response to that solicitiation.  He must thereafter move
| at least 1 kHz before he works any other station, or at least 5 kHz before he
| again solicits other calls.  Once a station is required to QSY, another QSO
| cannot be made on the vacated frequency until or unless at least one
| subsequent QSO is made on a new frequency at least 1 kHz or 5 kHz (as
| appropriate) from the vacated frequency.   

You are only allowed to receive one QSO in response to your
solicitation.  After you make this QSO you must vacate the frequency.

> It may be your understanding, but new contestants try out every
> contest, and it may not (probably not) be their understanding from
> reading the published rules.  It's a stretch to say that an exchange is a
> "solicition", the same as a cq or qrz, and not a leap that the unitiated
> would quickly make.  

Naturally reading about something is no substitute for actually doing
it.  I assert the first-time participant will find the whole affair
rather confusing, having read the rules in advance or not.  However, I
also assert that many of his questions about the actual QSO flow of the
contest will clear up once he observes a bit of the contest in progress.

> Who is the sprint contest director?

The director of the CW Sprint is Mark Obermann, AG9A,
cwsprint at contesting.com.

See you in February!

--Trey, N5KO

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