[CQ-Contest] RE: Filter combos for CW contesting

Dick Dievendorff dieven at classic.msn.com
Thu Sep 18 15:45:09 EDT 1997

I generally use a pair of 500 Hz filters for CW.  During a heavy DX pileup 
(generally not a contest), I'll sometimes isolate the DX station with a pair 
of 250 Hz filters.

When running and the rate slows down a bit, I have in the past opened up the 
passband (using the SSB filters) so as to better hear people calling me 
off-frequency.  I used to try to run most of the time that way.  The idea was 
that I would be more aware of those running around me and I had a better feel 
for my general vicinity.  However, too often I found myself "working" someone 
who was working one of the others running nearby, and I "worked" them soon 
thereafter when they moved up to where they thought I was listening.  
I was trying to become more practiced at isolating signals with the "filter" 
between my ears and depend less on the hardware.  It was a lot of work.  I 
still think I'd like to practice more at this; it's a valuable skill in 

I'd really like to have a good filter that I could set to 900 Hz wide, or 1.3 
KHz, or whatever, depending on the varying conditions of the contest.  I think 
I can do some of this with the filters I have on the radio, but I tend not to 
fiddle very much with the knobs when I'm running. Maybe I should get to know 
my radio better!

Dick, K6KR

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