[CQ-Contest] TS-940 Fix

kw4t at banm.com kw4t at banm.com
Thu Sep 18 13:37:31 EDT 1997

Hi Guys,

Sorry about getting you all excited!  My 940 is broken!  I put out an 
email a few months ago with the symptoms and got a few responses.  Now I 
have to do the fix.

Symptom:  Display shows ". . . . . . ." and TX/RX quits and when it comes 
back to like LSB switches to USB at random.

Fix:  1.  Replace lithium battery

      2.  Touch-up flow-thru solder connections on Digital-A board.

So that's it.  Many other projects have kept my work-bench too cluttered 
to begin this project

73,  Dan,  KW4T

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