[CQ-Contest] CQ Mag Awards

Jim Reid jreid at aloha.net
Sat Sep 20 10:01:56 EDT 1997

At 06:12 PM 9/20/97 +0100, G. Boyd wrote:

>sometimes viewed as not nice to criticize volunteers.  But folks,
>WRTC-96 was run by volunteers and it was both a HUGE undertaking and a
>HUGE success.....it was run by volunteers who took seriously what they
>had opted to get involved in.  

Yes,  and I had my Oceania Plaque within a few weeks of WRTC-96;
came directly from Rusty, W6OAT;  was donated by Carl, AI6V,
and again,  much Mahalo to both of them and all the others
who worked so hard on that memorable mid-Summer project!

73,  Jim, KH7M

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