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stephen.b at virgin.net stephen.b at virgin.net
Sun Sep 21 10:19:00 EDT 1997

> Hmmm:
> I guess CQ doesn't always drop the ball.  I have gotten every plaque I
> have earned over the years, both fron WW & WPX  -  10 or 12 in total. 
> Some took a while, and some were hand delivered at Dayton or Dallas, but
> they did appear.   Every certificate too.
By that observation it would seem that the CQWW program is geared more
toward Stateside and DX stations will just have to wait ... maybe
years !!  I have won my 1st plaque (EU low power for last year
cqww-phone), I will now have to wait and see what happens - I guess
hand delivery is out of the question.

I will be operating ZC4BS again for CQWW RTTY/CW/PHONE 1998-2000 and
was looking forward to reclaiming the world Low Power Record - but
after 13 years of entering (and enjoying this main contest), if the
certificate or trophy issue cannot be resolved I will pass !!

I am still waiting on five certificates - one since 1984, and before
I'm flamed the two addresses used are either my fathers QTH or my
current one - and doubt very much that all of them got lost in the

I would be very interested to read comments from the volunteer
comittee on these issues - before sponsors and potential sponsors
start getting itchy feet.

Stephen Bowden (RO)

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