[CQ-Contest] Plaques & Certificates!

Spike Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Sun Sep 21 11:09:22 EDT 1997

Dear Contester,

Plaques and certicates (sheesh) such meaningless dribble.

They all look alike to me and no respecting contester would display
them anyways.

Hey Bunky you want plaque, follow me to the dentist, I'll give
all you want for free.

Can't you just enjoy contesting? It's bad enough that you spend tons
of money on a station, thousands of hours contesting and now you
feel deprived because some impudent won't send you a ten cent piece
of paper that attests to the fact that you are a complete fool.

I would suggest that every major contest committee discontinue the
issuance of certificates & plaques. The committee should designate
a plaque retailer to provide the plaques upon payment for the plaque
by the plaque winner.

I'm offering this intelligent solution at considerable personal loss
and esteem to myself. I will miss seeing my name in large 10 point
bold type twice, once during the contest announcement and a second
time during the contest results. Once your a plaque sponsor you move
to a new higher level of recognition, far beyond you mortals and
infidels who vie so such for such trinkets.

Hey Bunky, you know what the coolest thing is, I never pay for the
stupid placque anyways!  

Sincerely your,
dr. Bafoofnik

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