[CQ-Contest] Plaques & Certificates!

lew at teleport.com lew at teleport.com
Sun Sep 21 21:58:24 EDT 1997

 Contests have plaques???!!!
     Just how long  has this been going on????
         Does the FCC know about this..???
             Will this make a difference to contesters on Zone 34..???
 I'm shocked...but resuscitatable. Appropriate fluids will do just fine.
       I know why I contest.....do you?
    73 and I remain,

         Lew  Sayre   W7EW/W7AT           lew at teleport.com
         P.O.Box  3110                    Fax 503-391-2258
         Salem, Oregon 97302              160M thru 1296MHz

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