[CQ-Contest] McLuhan Meets Morse

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Sun Sep 21 11:50:05 EDT 1997

A request for help from these worldwide resources ----

As a result of some recent email and on-the-air exchanges, I am prompted to
undertake the writing of an article the purpose of which is to identify the
unique pleasures, characteristics and joys of cw as a mode of communication.
In short, why cw should be viewed not as hurdle to be overcome, but rather
why its use is a source of personal pleasure to those skilled (or becoming
skilled) in the art.

To that end, I am asking for your opinions. Why do you like cw? What
particular and special pleasures does it afford you? What benefits do you,
as an individual, derive from your skills with this somewhat arcane tool?

All ideas and approaches are welcome.... for example, memorable qso's on cw,
philosophical theories on unique characteristics of the mode, side benefits
that cw skills bring to other areas of your life (or the reverse), why cw
qso's are different from those utilizing other modes (if indeed you think
they are), and so forth.

All forms of response are welcome ---essays, one liners, "war stories",
histories, anecdotes, deep and thoughtful analyses [ :>) ], etc.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.

73, Bill

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