Harry Flasher hflasher at mail.dayton.net
Tue Sep 23 18:35:56 EDT 1997

A few weeks ago, I placed a message on the Contest Reflector looking for 
ops to put J3A on as a multi-multi entry in the CQ WW SSB contest.  I was 
hoping to maybe find three or four but ended up with eight plus myself.
As it worked out we will be able to have 4 stations with hi-powered amps 
and 2  with slightly lower power amps.  We are planning improvements of 
the antenna on most of the bands (compared to last year).  The group is 
not hand picked and as such we do have a variety of experience ranging 
from those who have demonstrated all out winning results to some that 
have just had some home search and pounce experience.  We are aiming to 
bring a top award to this small island at the Southern end of the 
Windward Islands and Zone 8.

We could add one or two more to the group as helping hands and backup 
ops.  There would be no guarantee of operating time during the contest or 
before/after as some joined the group with an understanding they would 
have a lot of air time.  if you should have interest & about $1100 to pat 
with (based on airfares from Midwest USA), you can call me at 

73  Harry W8KKF  J37K

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