[CQ-Contest] Re: [DX] Save 1 serial port

Hans Brakob hansbrakob at juno.com
Wed Sep 24 11:25:44 EDT 1997

PY2YP said:

>Now I can switch the CW sending by pressing the Keyer button located 
>in the radio front panel. Better yet, no extra cable, no extra interface
>and one serial port saved.

More explanation, please.....

Do you designate the same port for "Radio" and also "CW" in the CT
setup procedure?

On a related note, my Icom 775DSP accepts a keyer input stream 
as just another command on the control (serial) input.  If this 
command were implemented in CT, would only need one serial line 
to read/control the 775, plus send CW.  The 775 has a number of 
other "hidden" CW functions, such as a built-in programmable 
equivalent of "mash the F1 key", just waiting for some innovative 
new logging and/or contesting software package.

1001001, de Hans, K0HB/4ID

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