[CQ-Contest] NCJ article by N6NT (Toward a Portable Contest Station - ARRL DX HP2)

David Clemons dave at egh.com
Wed Sep 24 12:59:29 EDT 1997


	I really enjoyed this article.  It was well written, and had a 
great deal of detail which would benefit the inexperienced contest traveler.

	I have been involved in contests for quite awhile, but have never 
made such a trip because other family expenses had priority.  Now that my 
children are grown, mostly married, and those interested in college are 
finished, I believe that it may be possible for such a trip to the Caribbean.

	The actual cost of such a trip is a point of great interest to 
me, and although the article indicated that large sums of money were 
not spent, it did not make mention of the cost.  (Of course, the article
did say that the return trip was actually an income-producing venture.)

	So, realizing that many on this reflector have made such trips, I 
would like to ask you for your experiences of cost.  My goal would be to 
go to the Caribbean, take my wife and some small amount of equipment (as 
Bruce N6NT did), and perhaps spend a week total (spread around a contest 
weekend).  I suspect that the air fares will vary from place to place, so 
perhaps it would be appropriate to break down your experienced cost into 
air fares versus other expenses.

	I know that dollars spent is often somewhat personal, but for 
those who are willing to share it with me, I would very much appreciate it.  
I am willing to summarize my results to the reflector if the interest is 
there, but I will not mention your call or even include your information 
in the summary if you so request.

Thanks and 73,
Dave Clemons K1VUT

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