[CQ-Contest] Summary of 1000D vs 1000MP responses

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Thu Sep 25 01:36:41 EDT 1997

Thanks for all the responses!

The consensus? - both fine rigs, but...
-   MP more modern technology, lighter weight
-   MP has better receiver (several thought that);
    D poorer re intermod (do new switching diodes help?)
-   MP with its DSP has better noise reduction capability (2)
-   MP very flexible via software menu
-   MP has "too many flashing lights", 775 is easier to use
-   "Don't like knobs on MP"
-   Some seepage of light on MP's LCD display
-   Dual in-band rx of MP quite adequate for DXing,
    though contesters may need dual crossband rx of D
-   200W output of D can save you an amp (? - not if you like 1500W!)
-   The Kachina 505 has better filters than both
    (attaboy Larry, N7DD!)

Overall, the MP was preferred to the D, at least for SSB.
Thanks again to everyone who replied.

John, NT5C.

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