[CQ-Contest] 80m RTTY band plan?

Sean E. Kutzko kx9x at juno.com
Thu Sep 25 00:35:57 EDT 1997

Hi, everyone-

Just found out I'm going to be pulling a graveyard shift this weekend
during CQ WW RTTY. I've never op'ed a RTTY contest before, so have no
idea what the band plan is for RTTY on 80. Would some nice person out
there please enlighten me?

Are there a lot of split-freq QSO's on 80m RTTY when working DX from

Any help would be wonderful. 

Thanks, folks!

73, Sean

Sean Kutzko, Amateur Radio KX9X
Urbana, Illinois  USA  (Grid EN50vc)
ex-V26NA, V2/KX9X, 6Y7M, 6Y5/KF9PL, KF9PL, N9HXG, KA9NGH
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