[CQ-Contest] Need Station for CQP Effort- Md, Va, DC, Del

NB1B at aol.com NB1B at aol.com
Sun Sep 28 19:22:00 EDT 1997

I am looking for a station in Md, Va, DC, or Del for the CQP contest this
weekend, Oct 4-5.  Being originally born and raised in California, I enjoy
operating the CQP and saying hi to all the W6s I left behind.  For this, the
wire vertical and 100W out my apartment window just won't cut it.  I won this
contest for out of state SO several years ago, so would like to put in a
serious effort.  Contest goes from 1200 Sat to 1800 Sunday.

I can be reached at 703-527-6579 evenings or via NB1B at aol.com.  I am a
Postmaster with the USPS, so references are available if needed.

Since I already sent this out, are there any DX or Contest clubs in the No
VIrginia/DC/So Maryland area with meetings in the next several months?
  Thanks for your replies.   Dennis NB1B/4

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