[CQ-Contest] Transistor Sub

K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Sun Sep 28 21:15:57 EDT 1997

tnx to all you guys who responded....the consensus as to what transistor was
received from the NA-users reflector first as the cq-contest reflector was an
LDE on my message....

I had enough time to subscribe to NA-User at their "new" addr and still get
an answer before my cq-contest message even showed up on my AOL msgs...

Definately an LDE!  mebbe I went via EME....

Consesnsus was to go with an MPS3904  routine Radio Shack transistor...altho
it took 3 stores to obtain four of them! (first oine was closed/out of
business....second one had three of them necessitating a visit to the third

The boxes are built and wired, I will hook them up to the rig next
weekend....thanks again to everyone who offered their help.



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