[CQ-Contest] Who will be the first to work all 58?

VK1FF/WB2FFY - Jim Muller VK1FF at contesting.com
Mon Sep 29 23:15:59 EDT 1997

It's not a particularly good weekend to put in a big effort into CQP with
the VK/ZL SSB contest on the same weekend.   But I see several counties on 
the list that I need on CW so will take a break from VK/ZL and work a
little CQP on CW.    .....hope they operate some 20m and/or 40m CW.

73, Jim  VK1FF

At 00:38 29-09-97 PDT, you wrote:
>I am pleased to announce that volunteers have been found to activate
>all 58 counties in the California QSO Party next weekend.  Who will be
>the first to work the sweep?
>For a list of stations, by county, see http://jzap.com/nccc/cqpcty.
>For rules, awards, summary sheet, see http://www.contesting.com/cqp.
>To subscribe to the CQP reflector, send mail to majordomo at qth.net
>with the words SUBSCRIBE CQP (only) in the body of the message.
>CU in CQP!
>Bob, N6TV
>1997 CQP County Coordinator
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>Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://www.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

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