[CQ-Contest] CAC Issues need comments

k3lr k3lr at frogger.lm.com
Tue Sep 30 00:32:45 EDT 1997

The ARRL Contest Advisory Committee (CAC) is studying the issues 
listed below. Your ARRL division representative would like to 
have your input before he is asked for his formal vote.
 Send your comments to       cac at arrl.org
Every CAC member is on the CAC reflector. Your comments are 
valuable in helping the CAC formulate suggestions that are 
forwarded to the ARRL Membership Services Committee (MSC). 
The MSC will then decide if a change to an ARRL contest is 
***ARRL VHF/UHF Contests:  The CAC committed to look at the 
rover rule that was put into effect 2 years ago. Is the current 
rule working as intended?  Should something be added to attract 
more rovers? What, if anything is wrong with the current 
rule? (Can someone post this issue to the VHF reflector?)
***ARRL RTTY Roundup: With RTTY popularity reaching all time 
highs, should the offtime rule be changed in the ARRL RTTY 
Contest to match the ARRL Sweepstakes contest?
The RTTY contest and Sweepstakes are both 30 hours long. 
Stations in both contests may operate a maximum of 24 hours. 
6 hours must be taken as off time.
The ARRL RTTY contest's 6 hours of offtime must be taken 
in 2 single blocks of time. There is no minimum time for 
these 2 offtimes.
The ARRL Sweepstakes contest rules say that off times must 
not be less than 30 minutes in length and total 6 hours. 
You could have 1 off time of 6 hours or 12 offtimes 
of 30 mins each or some combination in-between the two.
The Sweepstakes offtime rule allows greater flexibility. 
What do you think? Should the CAC recommend changing the 
ARRL RTTY offtime rule? 
Should the ARRL Sweepstakes administer a College/University 
club competition? This is being done by others now and the 
CAC would like to know if you think it should become a 
permanent part of the ARRL Sweepstakes write-up? Can you 
suggest any rules with respect to this competition if it 
was suggested to the MSC?
Please send your comments on any or all of the above to    
cac at arrl.org 
as soon as possible.
Your CAC representatives are:
Atlantic K3LR
Central KJ9D
Dakota N0IJ
Delta W4XJ
Great Lakes K4UU
Hudson K2WR
Midwest N0LL
New England W6PH
Northwestern W7EW
Pacific N6TV
Roanoke K4ZQ
Rocky Mountain N2IC
Southeastern W4WA
Southwestern AA7A
West Gulf W5ASP
Canada VE6SH
Tim K3LR  Chairman ARRL CAC

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