[CQ-Contest] PA QSO Party Coffee Mugs

DougHDH DougHDH at aol.com
Wed Apr 1 11:12:55 EST 1998

The personalized coffee mugs for "The 100 QSO Club" in the Pennsylvania QSO
Party have now been mailed to recipients.  We have a few left - unpersonalized
- if you worked 100 QSOs in the Party and would like one, they are available.
Send me an e-mail for info.

Those of you who didn't work the Pennsylvania QSO Party, your big chance is
next October!  Coffee mugs plus a "Worked all PA" Plaque for clean sweeps
verified by the logs!  In the meantime, check the web site at:


In the meantime, see you in the Florida QSO Party later this month.

73,  Doug W3HDH

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