[CQ-Contest] A modern Multi Single or.........?

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> Fellow contesters,
> Greetings.
> I would like to open an issue that has been troubling myself 
> and others for
> a few months now and I would like to ask for the opinion of 
> this reflector
> as far as the legality of it is concerned.
> I am talking about the recent multi-single operations from 
> Cyprus by two
> Russian Teams (H20A in WPX CW and IARU (also H22A in IARU 97) 
> and P3A in
> IARU 98). What I found so amazing about these operations was the
> unbelievable score achieved with the current propagation 
> conditions. And
> the scores were not due to the large number of multipliers 
> worked alone but
> also the tremendous amount of QSOs made. At the beginning I 
> thought "yes
> these people can work them fast" but it took me a few 
> contests to realize
> how else they could have achieved this:
> WPX and IARU have a 10 minute rule for MS (no matter if a station is a
> multiplier or not, once worked you have to remain on that band for a
> minimum of 10 minutes), so the incentive of a multiplier 
> station is very
> different in these contests as compared to CQ WW. I have 
> heard that some
> stations try to scan the same band for multipliers but what 
> the teams in
> question did was to have a number of multiplier stations at 
> some distance
> (to null out any intra-transmitter interference) all 
> networked via packet.
> These stations were scanning the SAME band working NOT ONLY 
> also EVERYBODY calling CQ on the band that hadn't been worked 
> before (ie a
> non-dupe contact) thus ensuring both a maximum number of QSOs and
> multipliers, with rates of 200++ an hour..........

Finally, someone courageous enough to stand up against this type of cheating
(which unfortunately is going on many places in Europe as well).  The ARI
(Italy) contest added band change rules to try to prevent this type of
operation.  Let's hope we don't have to add them to all of the other

Randy, K5ZD

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