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<< BTW, I think you would be surprised how many non-Americans subscribe to
 CQ Mag.  I've been a subscriber for five years, and I know a lot of
 others who subscribe too.

Several truisms to keep in mind from a former member of the CQ-Contest
Committee as you guys develop this thread.

1.  CQ Magazine would perish without its DX and Contest supporters, worldwide.
2.  The Sponsor (CQ Magazine) considers the 50 year history of the contest
sufficient grounds to not want to change anything in fear of losing a single
3.  The Sponsor will never allow any changes that upset a DX station.
4.  Changing the dates would be like changing Christmas. Most of the world is
still not on the Internet and it would take 2 years to get the word out that
the dates had changed. In the meantime, refer to #2 above (This includes the
idea of alternating weekends).

IMHO, changing the point structure has a fighting chance. It could stimulate
more activity. Don't cloud it with other issues and don't try to change

Tom, K5RC/7

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