[CQ-Contest] QSL Bureau Fee Structure

Mendelsohn, Stephen A. Stephen.A.Mendelsohn at abc.com
Tue Aug 11 14:33:19 EDT 1998

Gentlemen;  while you counting the 32 cent stamps on the backs of the
cards please consider the following minor points associated with the ARRL
outgoing bureau:

1 - The people who work there have to get paid.

2 - There is a burden cost (lights, desks, associated equipment)
     that must be paid.

3 - The price of postage continues to rise whether you want to answer
     QSLs or not.

Taken together, the ARRL outoing QSL bureau represents one of the 
best reasons for being a League member if you're a DXer.  
It is a terrific benefit of membership.

-73- Steve, W2ML

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