[CQ-Contest] QSL Bureau Fee Structure

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Aug 11 18:15:54 EDT 1998

>At $4.00 per pound (about 155 cards), the cost is slightly over
2 1/12
>cents per card. Even if you double the existing fee to $8.00,
it's still
>just over a nickel a card. If you can beat those prices to all
>participating bureaus, please share with the rest of the group.
I seem
>to remember that 15-20 years ago, Jessee, W3KT, charged $.05 a
card for
>outgoing QSLs.
Don't forget that an ARRL-affiliated ham club can take and send
member's cards, saving member's big bucks.  The local DX club
here takes care of 100% of the QSL shipping and ARRL QSL Bureau
costs for it's members...the members  just have to bundle their
own cards like they ordinarily would, include their current QST
mailing label, and hand it over to the club QSL Manager, who, in
turn, boxes all the cards, writes a club check to cover the
weight fee ($4/lb.) and ships it off (using club funds).  Not a
bad deal at all.

>As to having POUNDS of QSLs at the incoming bureau, if
>are kept on file all the times, barring a foul-up by the local
>(volunteer) guys, pounds of cards for one station should never

If you have POUNDS of QSL's at the incoming bureau, might I
recommend a couple of options:
1.  Drive to wherever it is your QSL volunteer lives:
 a.  bring a pizza and beer to recompense him/her his effort and
displacement by the POUNDS of QSL's,
 b.  bring a dozen stamped (I recommend two or three first class
stamps--here in TX, our Bureau will mail only 6-8 cards per $0.32
stamp), self-addressed 6"x9" envelopes (and number them in the
lower-lefthand corner, 1 through 12, so you know how many you
have left at the Buro).
2.  Send enough money to cover the cost of the volunteer to take
BOX up your POUNDS of QSL's and ship them to you, plus
    send a dozen 6"x9" envelopes (see above) for future incoming

dale, kg5u

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