[CQ-Contest] QSL Bureau Fee Structure

Bill Hinkle kb3aug at juno.com
Sat Aug 15 00:20:04 EDT 1998

Jim, Guess you should whip yourself also. You should have a card from me
for a 75m contact dated, Feb. 24,1998 @ 1205z on 3.799. I have
Thanks for the card, it made my day even if I was home sick with the
worst cold I've had in years! Also worked WH0AAV on 75 the same day. Two
new ones on 75, needless to say I felt like a million bucks the rest of
the day....

Riverton, WV
On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 15:10:51 -0000 Jim Kehler <kh2d at kuentos.guam.net>
>Yeah, Fred. You're terrible. Go in the back room and whip 
>yourself with a piece of RG-59....
>That's what I like about this refractor, I learn something
>new every day.  I didn't know there WERE any other hams 
>in West Virginia besides Al. In my 5BWAS shoebox I got 
>10 cards from him....
>73, Jim KH2D
>No-SSB International (tm) 
>Member Number 1,000,002
>Believe It (tm)
>If You *CAN* Beep, NSI Wants YOU ! 

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