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thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 17 13:28:58 EDT 1998

I have one very old Heil BM-10 that I have used with Yaesu gear for nearly
14 years and the headsets work fine.   I did have a problem with
some breaking up but we got that fixed some time ago. Combination of loose
jack and loose headset piece.

I got a second BM-10 about three years ago and this pair works great with
ICOM through the DVK to give it more gain.  Headset is not as good as with
both the ICOM and Yaesu there is a hum and on the Yaesu there is not as much

If someone knows what Heil did in later BM-10's the problem with Yaesu can
probably be cured!

I have a pair of Yaesu headsets I got with an early Yaesu and they sound
fine. Even/even with the early BM-10.   I also have a Telex Procom 300 big
muff set.  Even tho they are amplified the do not drive the ICOM enough.
But they work good with Kenwood, Yaesu, and older Drake.   Works well but
nothing beats the Heil with the HC4 element.

Best headphones I have are very, very old.  They are Telex Twinsets that
came from an old Gray Audiograph (old dictation equipment that used those
blue looking records circa early 50's).  Sound is piped to each ear from a
small speaker in the plug.   The contest/DX gang found that I used them to
great advantage and many bought the ham version in the late 50's and early
60's.  The ham version was close but no cigar.  I pull them out to use with
some of my old boatanchor gear and there are still amazing.  Only problem is
you forget you are using them and you hurt your ears trying to walk away.

Dave K4JRB

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