R: [CQ-Contest] Re: Activity in WAE and WRTC

Fabio I4UFH i4ufh at contest.dsnet.it
Mon Aug 17 22:23:20 EDT 1998

Probable the WAE Contest has unique rules that need a lot of
skill to be on the top 5, and it cannot be compared with the 
"major" wotld contest, but unfortunatly I think that WAE it's the
best EU Contest that allow to reach the best op's in EU.

About WRTC2000 I had proposed few month ago to Tine to add
a continental Contest for each main area, so use ARRL to select
USA guys, WAE to select EU guys and maybe AA for Asiatic guys
and so on.

In this way every one could compete togher into the same area,
pushing out all his skill and capabilities ....

But unfortunatly this idea don't seem a good one for the WRTC Commitee.....

73 de Fabio I4UFH one of IR4T

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