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John Guida nj1v at phoenix.net
Sun Feb 1 10:45:58 EST 1998

On 24 Jan 98 at 10:40, concerning 
Subj: [CQ-Contest] SVGA Replacement Recom 
I wrote:

> Howdy!
> My Gateway Crystal Scan 1572FS SVGA display is about ready to bite
> the dust! It's been a pretty good monitor, but I have experienced
> RFI that I have never been able to totally eliminate. The
> interference points relative to frequencies are far enough apart to
> allow me to pretty easily avoid them during contests when I am
> calling CQ, but occasionally will be in the way of some weaker
> signal stations during S&P.
> So...I'm soliciting advice on your experiences for what might be a
> relatively "clean" SVGA display I might consider.
> Tnx in advance for everyone's help.
I have received several replies, and TNX to everyone that helped with 
information. I have created a summary of the replies for whoever is 
interested. Just send me a note and I'll get the summary back to you 
as ASAP.

CUL es 73.............................."victor"

John Guida NJ1V
nj1v at phoenix.net

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