[CQ-Contest] Help with CQ 160 Results 82 & 83

Ken Claerbout K4ZW at staffnet.com
Sun Feb 1 20:02:51 EST 1998

     I was curious if anyone has CQ magazines from 1981, 1982, or 1983
which carried results from the CQWW 160 meter contests?  If memory serves
me right the CW and SSB results were in 2 separate issues back then.
     I'm trying to track down a picture, published in the results, of
myself (KE9A at the time) and a couple of other 9 landers when we fired up
the broadcast tower of WPLY for the contests.  I don't remember the exact
year (probably 1983 or 1982) or mode but it was in the timeframe mentioned.
     Eventually I'd like to get a copy but if I can track down the issue
with the picture that will be a start.  


					Ken K4ZW

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