[CQ-Contest] Re: Cheating

Yuri N. Onipko jerry at ut4uz.kar.net
Mon Feb 2 05:27:44 EST 1998

Hi, all
Thanks for comments. Too many for me to be able to answer to everybody
directly. I understood that this subject hurts a lot of you.
The best solution in my opinion would be not to name this station
callsign on reflector, because I'm not a Judge, I didn't tape this
cheating on recorder and finally I may be wrong...
BUT... I'll inform the UBA Contest sponsor about this and give 'em this
stn's call.

The main target of my posting was to state that there is  CHEATING,
there are CHEATERS (not a single one) and we have to think what
to do with them.
Sorry for bandwidth.

73,   UT4UZ

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